Little Mix style



Hey you amazing people out there!
I made a blog, which I would love if you would look at. Feedback is more than welcome!
There will be a new post soon, about me, and my plan. Right now there is one, and only that one, about youtubers.
But if you have any feedback, picture,design, anything. Tell me. Just write to me on tumblr.

Thanks babes xx


Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority! [Short Film] (by HaierUp)

the best thing i have ever seen. 

Beautiful. And heartbreaking


okay. im not searching a co-owner. because i just realized that this is my main blog.. i like just realized it.. that is a huge fail from my side.. 

im sorry for the people who wanted to :(  

Anonymous said: IM going to meet my Bf's parents and I wanna look cute, can you please do a jade inspired for that? Thanks. Like your blog btw. :)

Uhh. good luck baba :) It will be right up.

Anonymous said: Can you please do a inspired jesy outfit for the Beach?

Si. be right up :)

Currently not doing ANYTHING so send in requests :P 

burnedoutteens said: if you still wanna coowner ill do it but im gonna have to do the sets first :)

I still do :) I would like if you send them before Friday, because I will choose one before Friday, because I’m not sure if I will have internet or not n the weekend and mon/Tuesday. :)